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Properties Database. Our database contains preforeclosures and foreclosure properties. All of our information comes directly from these sources on a daily basis, so you know that what you are seeing is fresh and first-hand data. This combination of sources has been compiled and organized to making searching as easy as possible. Only House Hunters LLC puts the largest database of its kind on the Web at your fingertips.

Information Provided. House Hunters LLC provides subscribers like you with all the detailed information available on each property. The seller's listing data includes the name and contact information to arrange for showings and to start negotiations. No other single source includes as much valuable information as House Hunters LLC. That's why we are the most reliable tool for both home buyers looking for a bargain in real estate!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are real estate foreclosures?

These are properties that have been acquired by mortgage lenders because the owners have defaulted on the loan payments.

Can people make money investing in foreclosures and how do I start?

Buying properties at discount prices is the surest and quickest way to make money in real estate. Our site offers the best available nationwide database of foreclosed properties, making it easier for you to begin your search.

How do I pay for foreclosures?

There are several sources of investment capital available for funding foreclosure deals. These sources fall into four main categories: 1) Conventional financing, 2) Partners who will supply cash to invest, 3) Lines of credit from a variety of sources, and 4) Hard money lenders.

How do I get a good price?

The key is to arrange your financing in advance of your foreclosure purchase. Then you can bargain with the owners from a position of strength. Contact your lenders or partners to negotiate and settle on the terms and conditions of your financing so that you will be prepared to complete the purchase once you negotiate a good deal with the owners.

Can I buy a foreclosured home to live in?

Yes. If you are a homebuyer simply looking for a good deal on a house to live in then it is well worth your time and energy to pursue foreclosure properties.

How do I get the ownership in my name?

The current homeowners will deed you the title when you bail them out of the default.

What the steps to take over a home?

First, you would set up a lease with the option to buy. Many options are available and you can refinance the loan or buy the home at the pre-agreed price.

Second, contact the current homeowner as he/she is the only person who can transfer the title of the property so you will have to deal with them directly to buy the house.

Third, make sure you can afford the loan monthly payment; in our tools page, you can use our mortgage calculator to help you determine the monthly payment as well as many other calculations.

Seven steps to success

Step 1) Find the best foreclosure leads

--- Use the listings service and view the owner and property information

--- Learn exclusive House Hunters LLC features and tools

--- Find the most motivated seller first

Step 2) Finding and making your contacts

--- View the complete owner contact information on the website

--- Use our Google map and street view to view the properties, also take advantage of the school map for schools in the neighborhoodSubmit a written contract directly to the owners in order to buy a preforeclosure

--- Submit a written contract directly to the owners in order to buy a preforeclosure

Setp 3)Doing the right math

--- Project the resell value in current market

--- Factor in any repair costs

--- Use our mortgage calculator to figure out your monthly payment

Step 4) Negotiate your best offer

--- Each listing comes with a uniquely created property report. These reports will help keep you informed on a specific lead your tracking

--- Saved listings allow you to save individual listings and perform different actions on those listings and finding the best deal on the market

--- Filter the search results based on property characteristics and notice details

Step 5) Contract and flip your deal

--- Structure your flip to the investors

--- Reviewing key purchase contract

--- Researching the loans and liens on a property

Step 6) Finding money for your deal

--- Learn creative purchase and rehab financing

--- Complete a contract assignment

--- Closing your escrow

Step 7) Putting profits in the bank

--- Flip your deal to investors for fastest payday

--- Set up a creative finance method

--- Use our e-book to learn new strategies dealing with the foreclosure freeze and resale

Where do I start?

You can get started right away by signing up for our monthly subscription service that gives you all the features and benefits of House Hunters LLC national database of foreclosure properties. From our homepage, you can use the "Search Listings" box, or you can simply click on the U.S. map in the listings page to find properties in your selected areas of the country.

What kinds of properties are in your database?

Our database contains all pre-foreclosure properties in the nation. Our website provides subscribers like you with all the detailed information available on each property includes data from the lender's files, the listing details, the local school districts, the type of property, the street address, property size, number of bedrooms and baths, and usually a street-view. Here you can locate bargains in real estate that you may purchase at discount prices.

What is the membership term?

House Hunters LLC charge a monthly subscription of $40 and this will give you access to all the listings we have nationwide as well as an e-book that will walk you through the entire process.

How do I cancel?

Canceling your House Hunters LLC account is easy; simply call our customer service number at 1-866-949-7347 during normal business hour, all our representatives will be happy to assist you.